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SnapSwap is a Free Random Photo Sharing & Messaging App that helps you to create new connections around the world with touch of a button!

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    Send & Receive Pictures To Random Strangers Anonymously

    SnapSwap Does not ask for any private information - Just click a picture and send... The picture will land up on any Random stranger's phone anywhere in the world. You will know where the picture has been delivered geographically. And Every picture you send, you will receive a picture as a gift from any random SnapSwap user from across the globe.

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    Converse & Make Friends Around The Globe

    With every picture you send, you get introduced to 2 new strangers. The one whose picture you have received and to one your picture has been delivered. With built-in messaging feature, you can start conversing with them. You can send and receive upto 140 characters. And, if there is no conversation in 24 hours, the chat gets expired.

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    Know The Location of Sent & Received Pictures

    Even though you will not know the details of the user who has sent you the picture, or to whom your picture has gone. You will know the location from where the picture has arrived or sent. It is always embedded within the frame of the picture. Note: The user needs to keep the location settings activated for this feature to work

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    Send Great Pictures & Get Appreciated

    Everyone loves getting gifts - SnapSwap is a medium through which you can gift or share with random stranger a slice of your life. Click great pictures, and spread happiness! Make a great first impression... Strangers will appreciate great pictures and will give your thumbs up! Rise on their popularity charts

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    Spread Serendipity!

    Spread Happy Accidents... Bring a Smile on Stranger's faces... Make Friends across borders... God knows we need it!

SnapSwap has been lovingly crafted by Armoks Interactive Labs